Pictures of, and comments about, various food dishes we go out to eat in Sunnyside, Queens. Email me: ctmikolaj (at) yahoo (dot) com

Sunnyside map

Sunnyside map


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  1. Wow, cool website and really nicely done with great photos/design layout. I moved here in 1992 because Manhattan was getting too pricey and glad I did. Back then me and my wife had to ask for menu translations in some restaurants just so we could order. Queens is authentic, people from everywhere.

    Keep going even if you’re running out of restaurants – I like your Christmas tree blog – its a nice touch to add the other items.

  2. Love your blog. Nice to see new food in sunnyside.
    PS: found this little tidbit in the Queens Ledger…

    A Sunnyside resident won $10,000 for her pastry skills.
    Angela Cuervo, the daughter of the owners of Mario’s Restaurant, an Italian eatery located at 43-07 47th Avenue, appeared on the Food Network’s “Sweet Genius” desert competition Thursday night and won the top prize.

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