Blu Orchid

On the site of the defunct Nodus Thai we now find the brand new Asian fusion restaurant Blu Orchid. I was dismayed and a bit surprised when Nodus Thai closed because I thought the food was good and decently prices. But I guess there was too much Thai competition in the area. After my first visit to Blu Orchid, I must say I am not optimistic about their chances. Not because of the food – which was good – but rather because they seem to be targeting the wrong clientele.

blu orchid-5    The name is a bit uninspiring, although the fact that they put orchid petals on each plate is a nice touch. The interior layout and seating is similar to what Nodus Thai had. The atmosphere was a bit odd though, specifically because of the music. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on a restaurant’s music before, but then again I never heard a remix of Sir Mixalot’s “Baby got Back” accompanying my entree. The waiter\host was very friendly, but seemed a bit anxious the whole time (understandably, since we were there just a couple days after opening).

blu orchid-1

For an appetizer we tried the chicken satay, of which there were 3 pieces for a total of 6 dollars. This I think was well worth it, and probably the best chicken satay’s I’ve had in a while. Note that this was the cheapest of all the appetizers though, with the “truffle calamari” clocking in at $9. By the way, Blu Orchid doesn’t have a liquor license yet, but they let you bring your own drinks.

blu orchid-3

I opted for the pan roasted wild prawn, and as you can see from the photo, $18 doesn’t get you very much of it. I didn’t particularly even like it all that much either. It wasn’t bad, but it I wouldn’t call it good either. I feel like the shrimp paste oil used with it has a very odd taste.

blu orchid-2

The duck confit also cost $18, but was both tastier and bigger. Not a very traditional confit though, as the sauce was a sweet potate puree. It was a unique taste, and definitely good, but I prefer the traditional duck confit.

blu orchid-4

We received a complimentary dessert, a jasmine panna cotta (which you can ordinarily order for $7). I enjoyed it, and you could definitely taste the jasmine in it. This free dish might have made the whole meal worth it, but I don’t have any immediate plans for returning to Blu Orchid. There are lots of other places in Sunnyside where I can eat better for the fifty bucks we spent. Blu Orchid seems to be aspiring to be like Salt & Fat or Venturo, but I don’t think they’ll make it.


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