I love Paraguay

I had visited “I Love Paraguay” over a year ago for the first time, but just to get some take-out empanadas (which were not that great), and never actually ate inside this restaurant. Since that time, they had renovated both the interior and exterior, and we finally had a chance to come for a sit-down dinner. This Greenpoint Avenue (at 42nd) ethnic venue does not disappoint!


I love paraguay1

Sorry for the sun glare on the sign The awning is relatively new (It used to have an abbreviated “I [heart sign] PY” on it). There is plenty of seating inside, and you can also get take-out.

I love paraguay2

The restaurant does have alcoholic drinks, including wine, but we opted for these interesting non-alcoholic choices. The guarana brazilia was a pretty good fruit-flavored soda. The mug in the back has something they called cocido, which seemed like just tea with milk and lots of sugar.


I love paraguay3

This is the chicken milanesa ($12) – a huge slab of meat! It was relatively thin though, so I actually ended up eating almost the whole thing (it was good!) It was funny to see it with just that decorative piece of lettuce on the side. The dish does come with a side though (you can pick from a few).

I love paraguay4

I opted for the mixed salad as my side. A little too much lettuce for my liking, but the portion overall was pretty large, so ultimately there were a lot of tomatoes and onions in there. The vegetables were fresh, but ultimately this was a pretty boring side dish. They did bring two different vinegarettes to the table for dressing though, which was nice.


I love paraguay5

Here is another entree, which was labeled as oriental chicken with mixed vegetables. It resembled Chinese food, but was certainly much better than the typical take-out. There was a bit of an excessive amount of the white rice, but the presentation was pretty cool. Like all the entrees, it was around the $12 price point. They also have sandwich versions of many dishes, which are about half price.




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