Cafe Bene

We are only a few hours away from Taste of Sunnyside , but in the meantime lets talk about the newest coffee shop to open up in Sunnyside: Cafe Bene.

The South Korean chain is spreading quickly in New York, with a few locations already present in Manhattan, and now this latest one on Queens Blvd near 41st street.


The distinctive wood-paneled look really makes this cafe stand out.


There is a large assortment of coffees, teas, bubble teas, and frappes of varying flavors. Here is a pure vanilla frappe topped with whipped cream. It was pleasantly not too sweet, although the taste did not wow me.


A staple of the menu are these waffles topped with various fruits and sweets. This is a banana one with caramel, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

It was great, but I was hoping for a large size for the $6 price. In general the cafe (much like Starbucks I guess) is a bit on the overpriced side. A can of soda is $2 for example, even though I can go a couple doors down and get one for a buck.


Surprisingly the menu even features full-fledges hot sandwiches, although I haven’t had a chance to try one yet.


Sample desserts are laid out on a table near the entrance. They look appetizing, but so enormous!


An assortment of colorful macaroons on top of a counter that also features gelato. I predict this new venue will be popular.


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