White Cake Bakery

Still relatively new to the neighborhood, White Cake bakery (on 43rd Ave between 48th and 49th) is much more than just a bakery. They certainly offer an assortment of pastries, but there is also a light food menu, including even a special brunch menu on weekends.

White Cake Bakery (1 of 7)

There aren’t too many tables inside, and the place seems to be popular, so we actually had to wait a few minutes to snag a table during brunchtime on a Sunday.


White Cake Bakery (7 of 7)

What looks like a mysterious concoction is just coffee. These jar-mug hybrids are used for a number of drinks.


White Cake Bakery (1 of 1)

A number of healthy items are available on the menu, including this carrot juice. There are a few vegetable-based shakes as well.

White Cake Bakery (5 of 7)White Cake Bakery (3 of 7)

On the other end of the healthiness scale, they offer french toast, topped with strawberries. It’s a typical, fluffy, delicious french toast, but it could use some more fruit.


White Cake Bakery (4 of 7)

This may look like a burger, but it’s actually “breakfast sandwich #2” (sandwich #1 included bacon, which is why I opted for this one). Despite its mundane name, this is actually a pretty good dish, combining egg, cheese, and greens. It was very good, and certainly worth the price of around $7.

White Cake Bakery (2 of 7)

A sample of the various sweets available at the bakery. Overall the food and drinks were very enjoyable, and for very reasonable prices. The staff was a bit disorganized though, forgetting about parts of orders and a bit confused, but I think they are still getting used to the relatively large crowds that choose to brunch here.


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