The Astor Room

We want to share some photos from a great bar\restaurant that’s just outside of Sunnyside. Located in Astoria directly next to Kaufman Studios, the Astor Room evokes the golden age of film-making, even though this venue is barely 4 years old.

This is a full-fledged restaurant with a great menu, but we just stopped by for a few drinks. That said, the menu was enticing enough to make us order a few sides: decadent truffle fried, fried calamari, and delicious mushrooms.

There are only a handful of beers on tap, but the cocktail menu is extensive, and the bartender was excellent. We even got a round of free shots at the end of the night.

Perhaps the best time to go is between 5 and 7pm Wednesday-Sunday (so, yes, that includes weekend!) for a happy hour special of $1 oysters and some half-priced drinks.

Astor Room6

Astor Room5

Astor Room4

Astor Room3

Astor Room2

Astor Room1

Astor Room7


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