This will be one of my strangest reviews, as it doesn’t involve eating any food. You’ll know why in a minute.

The inaptly named BBQ Hut opened up recently on Greenpoint Ave and 42nd street, where the defunct Thai Origin restaurant used to be. The name is strange because this not actually a bbq place – it’s an Indian\Pakistani\Bangladeshi joint. The menu seems pretty extensive, and relatively cheap (with a large number of items under $10).

We did not, however, get a chance to try any of it. We went inside around 6:30pm on a Thursday evening and were a bit surprised to see the place completely empty. And I don’t just mean there were no customers. There was no staff either. No host. No waiters. Nobody. The lights were on, the tables were set, the TV was on, a neon light glowed with the word “Open” on the door – but the place was deserted. I guess they probably get most of their business from deliveries, but you would still think there would be someone manning the main dining room (which has seating for quite a large crowd actually). We stood around and waited for a few minutes and took the photos you see below, hoping someone would emerge from the back room – but that did not happen. We ended up hopping on the B24 bus and going to the Polish restaurant “Karczma” in Greenpoint (which was great!)

bbqhut4 bbqhut3 bbqhut2 bbqhut1


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