Sunnyside Restaurant Week

Last week was Sunnyside’s special restaurant week, with many restaurants participating with $25 fixed price 3-course dinners (and a few with cheaper fixed prices lunches as well). We visited two of them, both coincidentally with “Bliss” in the name: Bliss 46 Bistro and Bliss Street Station restaurant. Originally we were also planning on going to Venturo, but the only choice for the fixed price dinner was meatballs, and as astute readers know I don’t eat beef, pork, or lamb.


Bliss 46 Bistro has sort of fallen under the radar for me, but I think I will definitely be coming here more often. They still don’t have a liquor license, which means you can bring your own beer or wine. Also, they now have a regular Sunday-Thursday fixed price 3-course dinner for only $20! Definitely worth it given the high quality of the food.



We enjoyed a huge mussel appetizer. I was really surprised by the amount of mussels here – easily enough for two people as an appetizer. we also got some cream of potato soup.


There were about a half dozen entree choices available – about half of the full menu. Seen here is the salmon, accompanied by spinach and mashed potatos. While not a particularly creative dish, it was very good.


This ravioli dish is not available on the regular menu, which is unfortunate because it was very good. I see a “lobster ravioli” on the online menu though, so that might be even better! The portion is a bit small, but given how many mussels there were, that’s forgivable.


For dessert, we enjoyed an apple tart with ice cream.


At Bliss Street Station, our “fixed price” meal ended up being more expensive than at Bliss 46, and not just because we had ordered a couple beers. Here they charged tax on top of the $25, wheres at Bliss 46 they did not.


For appetizers, we had a standard chicken noodle soup, plus this set of stuffed mushrooms.


The Chicken a la Bliss entree is a superb basic chicken dish. The chicken is tender and juicy, and the twice baked potato delicious.


When ordering curries I usually stick to the Thai ones, but thought this would be a good opportunity to try an Irish style curry. I made a good choice, as the dish was hearty and fulfilling – and a nice change of pace from your standard fish & chips or burgers.



For dessert, another “a la mode” selection – this time rhubarb pie. Also available is the more rarely seen rice pudding, which was good.


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