La Flor

In what is technically Woodside, we went to La Flor, a Mexican fusion restaurant on the corner of  Roosevelt and 53rd st. It’s essentially Mexican food with a European twist to it. The prices are notably higher than in the average Mexican place around the area – so don’t expect three dollar tacos – but you can still get most of the menu items for less than $20.


The location is right outside the 52nd street 7 stop, across from a bakery. The roses you see on the awning are also etched into some of the windows.

It seems larger on the inside than it does from the outside.


Don’t stuff yourself with the complementary bread you wait for your entrees!


A few of the entrees clock in at exactly $20.95, one of which is this oven baked jumbo shrimp dish. A solid amount of large shrimp are stuffed with crabmeat, circling a mix of mashed and spinach, along with a corn scampi sauce. This was hands down the superior of the two dishes we tried – the shrimp was succulent, and all the ingredients complemented each other very well.


Although this looks a bit like soup, these are actually the  “hometown chicken enchiladas”, and they definitely didn’t live up to their $15 price. Simply put – they were a bit bland and boring. While not bad per se, none of the ingredients stood out, and even the normally distinctive mole sauce was underwhelming. If you have a craving for enchiladas, this is definitely not the place to go. Chips or De Mole are far superior.


Bonus points for an inventive, rustic menu design.


2 responses to “La Flor

  1. I’ve never been there for dinner, but La Flor’s brunch is one of my favorites in the area. It’s really excellent—and far cheaper than dinner!

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