Murphy’s Restaurant

As promised, we returned to Murphy’s (Skillman at 49th Street) after they recently opened their seafood restaurant. The official Grand Opening hasn’t happened yet, but the place is definitely fully up and running.

The raw bar is of course also available in the restaurant, including “seafood towers” that include lobster, oysters, clams, shrimps, mussels, and crab legs.

Two sizes ($32 and $65) are available.

Murphys Bar 206

The complementary sweet tiny muffins were a nice start to the meal.

Murphys Bar 201

As an appetizer we tried the pot of mussels ($11). Definitely enough here for two people. The mussels themselves were good, but I didn’t particularly enjoy the sauce. It would also be nice if there was a variety of sauces to choose from. There is a lot of extra sauce,so use  the included piece of bread to soak it up at the end.

Murphys Bar 205

Each of the main entrees comes with a vinegarette-infused side salad, served beforehand.

Murphys Bar 203

Entrees are a bit on the expensive side for Sunnyside, starting at around $15. This $17 lobster mac & cheese initially seemed small, but turned out being just the right size for a satisfying dinner. They didn’t skimp on the lobster either, which was great – I had some in practically every bite. It’s a bit disappointing how lobster dishes everywhere continue to fetch high prices, despite lobster itself being cheap and in bountiful supply, but overall I would say this dish w still worth it.

Murphys Bar 204

The $21 king crab legs are enormous. And they come with a few potatoes and an entire corn on the cob. The crabs were of high quality and full of delicious meat. More enjoyable than some blue crabs we recently had at the Waterfront Crab House in Long Island City.

Murphys Bar 202

Four different $6 desserts are available: cheesecake,  Oreo cookie cake, an ice cream sundae, and this chocolate moose cake.

Perfect for sharing by two people after a big meal.


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