Murphy’s Bar

Murphy’s Bar, on the corner of Skillman and 49th street, has had a raw bar for a couple years now, but yesterday was the first time we tried it.The place will soon be a full-fledged restaurant, as the owners bought the place next door and expanded into there. In fact, the new seafood restaurant is slated to open as early as next week, and we’ll be back to do a full review then.

Murphys Bar 001

For now, take a look at some pictures from the raw bar. Murphy’s offest $1 oysters (there seems to be just one variety), $1 clams, and a $6 shrimp cocktail (which comes with 4 shrimp). Each comes with vinegar, cocktail sauce, horseradish, and of course tabasco. The shrimp is a little pricey, but otherwise it’s a good deal, and the oysters and clams are of high quality.

Murphys Bar 006  Murphys Bar 002 Murphys Bar 003 Murphys Bar 004 Murphys Bar 005


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