We intended to go to the brand new Italian Osteria on Queens Blvd, but it was inexplicably closed on Monday. We will try for that again in a few days, but in the meantime we decided to visit Quaint on Skillman Ave (near 46th st).
I’ve been there for lunch a few times in the past, but never for dinner.


We got a nice table outside and got excited for some mussels, as most people seemed to be eating some. Turns out there is an “all you can eat” special on mussels and fries for $18 per person between 5 and 9pm on Mondays. Sadly though, by
the time we got there (a bit after 8pm), they had already sold out for the day. That’s ok though, because we got to try some of the other food, which was good. Here are a couple drinks from the cocktail menu (around $7 a pop)- an old
fashioned and a Cuba libre.


We didn’t intend on getting an appetizer, but the day’s special (it’s not on the regular menu) sounded very appetizing so we went for it. It’s a platter of asparagus, with an egg on top. I would have never thought of this combination, but it worked perfectly – a really delicious dish.

Quaint002 This is a pan-seared cod, with a tomato and caper sauce. The fish was good, but not superb. I did enjoy the sauce though – there probably should have been some more of it. The potatos and spinach it came with complemented it well.

Here is a standard roasted chicken breast. The herb-infused skin was very crispy and delicious; the chicken itself might have been a little overcooked and wasn’t as tender as would be ideal – but nevertheless it was enjoyable.

We were offered four dessert choices, and opted for a peach tart with vanilla ice cream on top. It tasted as delicious as it looks.

Overall a good meal, and just about right for the price ($80 with tax and tip for two people). The atmosphere in their little back yard is great too – it even featured the largest slug I’ve ever personally seen (although I didn’t see any slugs on the menu)!


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