Tacos Santa Fe

What used to be Real Santa Fe, a full-fledged restaurant that closed a few years ago on 47th avenue near 47th street, is now Tacos Santa Fe. It’s a bit like a glorified taco truck in terms of its physical presence, as you can’t actually go inside (the indoor space is apparently used for their catering business).

TSF005As you can see though, there are a few outdoor stools where you can sit and eat – and watch the food being cooked right in front of you. We took ours to-go though, and you can of course order delivery as well.

TSF002First thing we had to try where of course the titular tacos. They are two buck each, but you can get three for $5, which is a great deal. And they did taste amazing! Not quite as good as some of the best taco truck tacos, but definitely up there. Bring your own hot sauce though, as they were not very spicy on their own (perhaps you just have to ask for them to be hot though). It always amazes me how cheap delcious real tacos are in New York, especially when compared to the comparatively priced Taco Bell junk.

The menu extends way beyond just tacos though – you can get all the key Mexican cuisine items. There are tortas, burritos, quesadillas, and even entire platters with steak, pork, or chicken. Here we have a $6 chicken burrito. It was good, but this is not the place I would go to for burritos.

TSF003The $5 quesadilla was surprisingly rich, filled with chicken, onions, peppers, and of course cheese. It was more appetizing than the burrito, but again not as good as you can get at a regular restaurant (but for $5 it’s certainly worth it). So all in all the tacos are by far the best, but given the excellent taco food trucks in Sunnyside, they will still have a tough
time competing.


2 responses to “Tacos Santa Fe

  1. Sorry the reviews are not easy to find – we already reviewed The Haab (I love it!), Sik Gaek (crazy live octopuses), Pio Pio (overpriced drinks), Natural Tofu (great Korean), Sidetracks (a bit on the expensive side), Bar 43 (now with Atomic Wings, and Yum Yum (chain Thai – there are better in Sunnyside). I am sure I will get to all the others sooner or later!

  2. Love the blog! Some reviews I’d love to see that I haven’t found are, if you have the time:

    – The Haab
    – Sik Gaek
    – Murphy’s (they do Oysters and Pizza now)
    – Claret
    – Pio Pio
    – Dazie’s
    – Natural Tofu
    – Bar 43 (my favorite!)
    – Sidetracks
    – Yum Yum
    – La Adelita (best green sauce enchiladas imo!)
    – Rainbow Chinese (under new management)
    – Mr. Chicken TO GO

    You may have reviewed these at some point, but I’ve had trouble finding all your reviews.

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