Don Pollo

The newest entry into Sunnyside’s pantheon of ethnic restaurants is the Peruvian Don Pollo, located on Greenpoint Ave between 41st and 42nd. The cheerful restaurant sports a giant plush chicken mascot visible from the sidewalk, and its menu has a surprising amount of dishes that go beyond just chicken.

DonPollo010The locale is divided into two main rooms, with seating featuring 4 person booths and 2 person tables. Colorful menus illustrate many of the dishes.

Here is Mr. Chicken himself!

As at Pio Pio Rico (and presumably many other Peruvian restaurants), corn nuts with a matchin sauce come as a complimentary appetizer. We wolfed all of ours down pretty quickly. There are quite a few drinks on the menu, including a variety of rarely available juices. The $3 passionfruit juice was  very good and fresh-tasting – not to mention colorful.

The main feature of the menu is of course chicken – and it’s surprsingly cheap. This “special deal” for less than $10 includes half a chicken, fries (you can also substitute rice and beans), and even quite a hefty and delicious side salad. It’s also possible to get just a quarter chicken, as well as a whole one. The meat itself was very tender and superior
to what I’ve had at Pio Pio. The fries are standard long cut fries – nothing to write home about, but not bad.

DonPollo003I very much enjoyed the salad, which was a far higher quality than the typical “side salad” at restaurants.

There is quite a bit of seafood at Don Pollo – ranging from various kinds of fish, to dishes with squids and shrimp. They are notably more expensive than the chicken items – starting at about $12. This Tilapia comes with a few fries, a small salad, and a huge lump of white rice. The fish starts out tasting good, but the excessive salt starts making it a little unpalatable towards the end.


DonPollo002   DonPollo005


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