Meat Boutique

Squeezed between Molly Blooms and the Gaslight pubs on Queens Boulevard (between 43rd and 44th streets on the north side) is the new Meat Boutique – not quite a restuarant, but they definitely do serve a surprisingly large selection of meals. Having just opened a couple months ago, the new establishment blends in perfectly with the Irish themes in the
neighborhood. The bright red facade stands out and feels welcoming.

The Meat Boutique

The Meat Boutique

Although primarily a butcher shop of sorts, the Meat Boutique features a handful of grocery items (including European ones), plus a full fledged deli. While the displays, decor, and menu looked very promising – and from what I hear the raw meats are in fact quite good – the made-to-order food was unfortunately very disappointing. I will get to that in a minute, but first want to mention on the plus side that they have an open back yard in the rear, including some picnic tables for those that want to eat on the spot.


From the “Burger Bar” section of the menu I ordered the $8.50 chicken burger. Even the chicken patty itself was quite odd, resembling more of a fish patty than a chicken one. The fries were your standard mediocre ones. Perhaps one saving grace was the British mustard – which was actually a grocery item (that’s the jar in the background) It wasn’t “bad” per se, but it was all bland and there are certainly way better burgers in the neighborhood. A far better (and cheaper!) burger can be had from the Colombian “Pecas y Mas” joint on Greenpoint Avenue.


The spicy chicken wrap was even worse – at least it was cheaper at $6.50 (but with no fries). First off, it wasn’t spicy at all. They should rename it the “bland chicken wrap”. It shouldn’t be difficult to mix in and grill a few pieces of meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayo, but somehow they managed to screw it up. So all in all this was very disappointing – stick to just the raw meats for now; I’ll likely give the food another chance one day, but for now, with the memories of this poor meal still fresh, I am not very motiviated to do so.


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