Yes, we’re still alive and kicking here at Sunnyside Food, although admittedly rather
inactive lately. Today we ventured out to the edge of Sunnyside, where the much anticipated Williamsburger opened on Greenpoint Avenue all the out at 36th street. Their original location is in – you guessed it – Williamsburg (at South 2nd and Wythe). Not sure how much dine-in traffic they’ll get at this new location, but I anticipate they are hoping to capture delivery customers from both Sunnyside and Long Island City.


The location used to be a restaurant called Pisco Sour (which we unfortunately never visited before it shut down). Williamsburger opened at some point in the past week. Not sure if they are planning a grand opening, but they might want to wait for their liquor license first. It’s also cash-only for now.


The menu predictably features a number of specialty burgers (mostly beef burgers with various toppings and sauces), but also a surprising number of other items. These include a variety of side dishes, hot dogs, salads, and milkshakes. Seen in the photo here is their most expensive burger ($15) – yellowfin tuna. The triangular chunk of sesame-encrusted
fish is good and big enough to stand as a meal on its own – no burger bun required. The tuna is cooked to-order (mine was rare) and although better than average, it’s not quite as juicy as would be ideal. Given the quality of the other things on the burger menu, it’s probably not worth the steep pricetag.


Here we have an Asian chicken burger. The chicken was nice and tender, and again worthy of standing on its own, not just as part of a burger. So for $11 it’s not a bad deal, especially given all of the burger come with french fries. The fries, by the way, are good, but nothing to write home about. Just your standard crispy fries – perhaps even too crispy if you ask me. By the way, the only other non-beef burger available is a portabello mushroom burger.


And finally we have a milkshake! Flavors include vanilla, banana, chocolate, and even malt. This one is peanut butter, which the waitress claimed was her favorite. It’s literally almost like drinking liquid peanut butter. I am excited to try some of the other flavors – it was definitely a high quality shake. And the portion size is large for $5 – in fact, it exceeds the size of the glass they serve it in, and they leave you the rest in its metal mixing container.



3 responses to “Williamsburger

    • We reviewed two burgers… but I am guessing you are referring to beef burgers? I actually don’t eat any mammals (so effectively no pork or beef), which is why I don’t ever review them.

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