La Bella Vita pizzeria

Sunnyside’s newest pizzeria is La Bella Vita, on Skillman Ave at 50th street. It’s definitely a take-out place, but their menu includes much more than pizza, and they have a full catering menu as well.

La Bella Vita

La Bella Vita

There are a couple tables inside, but you’re probably much better off just taking your food home or getting delivery. The staff is very nice and the prices are very reasonable, but unfortunately the food – and especially the pizza itself – are average at best.

Pizza with onion and peppers

Pizza with onion and peppers

I ordered the medium onions & peppers pizza for $13. Medium is the smallest of three sizes, and it’s still quite large. Pizzas with meat and more toppings (such as the veggie pizza) cost $16 for the medium pie. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst I’ve had in Sunnyside so far. It seems sloppily made (notice how the toppings don’t even extend to the crust), and the consistency of the dough was sloppy as well. It didn’t taste bad per se, and outside of New York City this pizza might get a pass, but here we have much better alternatives.

Cheese calzone

Cheese calzone

Luckily the cheese calzone ($5) was tastier than the pizza, but it wasn’t spectacular. I was also disappointed it didn’t come with any marinara sauce. It’s quite large though, and filled to the brim with pretty good cheese. It might be worthwhile trying some of their other dishes (e.g. heros, subs), but I would recommend staying away from the pizza.


3 responses to “La Bella Vita pizzeria

  1. I just couldn’t disagree more. After three years in Sunnyside, my first reaction was: YES! Finally! The pies are great, clearly made with love, and hands down delicious. -Nate from 48th street

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