Pink Icing Bake Shop

I don’t usually review bakeries on here, but given the hype Pink Icing received, I thought it would be worthwhile in this case. The new bake shop opened up Saturday on Queens Blvd. north, between 44th and 45th.

Pink Icing

Pink Icing

It was reportedly supposed to open at 11am on Saturday, but was delayed by a few hours. We didn’t stop by until Sunday. There are a few tables inside where you can enjoy your sweets right on the spot, but we didn’t see anyone take advantage of that. Overall it’s pretty minimalistic, and almost sterile inside – maybe it’s just the effect of the space being brand new and sparkling clean.

Lemon merengue

Lemon meringue

All the goods are baked on the spot, so what you see in the display counter is typically at most a few hours old. This lemon meringue was $6, and sufficiently large for a hefty dessert for two.

Inside the lemon meringue

Inside the lemon meringue

Here is the meringue cut open. It was very good, and pleasantly not as sweet as you would expect – thus really drawing out the true citrusy flavor.

Apple pie

Apple pie

I couldn’t resist getting this huge apple pie, despite it’s $25 price tag. It’s almost as tall as it is wide! However, it’s a little deceptive because inside it was much more flat, and it’s just the crust that formed this large dome.

Inside the apple pie

Inside the apple pie

Here are the insides of the delicious pie. We warmed it up in an oven at home, and I would say it’s worth the $25, as that translates to at least 6 or 7 large servings. Among the other items we saw at the new bake shop were some appetizing cupcakes – small ones for $2 and large for $4 – I will have to try one next time.


3 responses to “Pink Icing Bake Shop

  1. Went in this afternoon to try the “sugar-free” items the owner said he now sales, well guess what nothing sugar-free, nothing gluten-free, nothing nothing nothing. When I asked about the sugar-free items, the kid behind the counter replied, “we have these muffins, here”, I asked “Are they sugar-free”, he said “No they have sugar”, which I replied “So they are not sugar-free”. The store had a “Help Wanted” ad for a baker and dishwasher, which kinda confused me because I thought the owner did all the baking, according to a video interview he did and after 25 yrs of bakery experience, I kinda expected a little more of a selection. Well its back to “sugar-free” from rite-aide for me 😦

  2. Visited pink icing on grand opening. Wasn’t thrilled on selection. Almost seemed like their wasn’t much. Its overpriced and the red velvet cupcake was the only thing I found good. Living close by whenever I walk by its always dead. Appears his coffee is a bigger seller than his homemade goods. Or are they made by him. Cause he’s always at his supply store the sugar room trying to catch a thief.

  3. I had the $1.50 brownie, which was yummy and worth the $1.50. I wish they had their prices better marked for the rest of their inventory.

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