99 cent pizza

The “99 cent pizza” franchise has a few locations in Manhattan, and opened its Sunnyside location only a few months ago. It’s on 49th street between 43rd Ave and Skillman Ave. The Manhattan locations often have huge lines, but I doubt that’s a problem here, and in fact when I went there around 6pm today, I was the only customer.

99 cent pizza

As advertised, single cheese slices are just 99 cents. They are slightly smaller than a typical pizza slice, but it’s still well worth it – they are actually of high quality. There are a few toppings you can add – for 50 cents each. Aside from pizza and sodas, there is nothing else available.

Cheese pizza pie

There is no discount for ordering a full pie, but at just $8, it’s still much cheaper than any competition (except, perhaps, chains like Papa John’s). Extra toppings on the full pies are $2 each. You can also get a 2 liter bottle of soda for an extra two bucks. The pizza is definitely worth the price. I didn’t really like the crust though (but my dog did!)


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