La Pollera Colorada

Although it’s very close to my house, I’ve only been to La Pollera Colorada once before, for a few years ago for brunch. Tonight we decided to go back for a take-out dinner. The Colombian restaurant (which also has plenty of seating and waiter service), is located on Greenpoint Ave between 41st and 42nd streets.

La Pollera Colorada

La Pollera Colorada

The extensive menu, which has daily specials, includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials, and they also do serve alcohol. Although the sign outside emphasizes chicken (pollos) the majority of dishes is actually beef-based, although there is also a seafood section. Ironically, the chicken section is the shortest.

Grilled chicken breast

Grilled chicken breast

This grilled chicken dish, #44 on the menu, costs $13. There are multiple chunks of delicious chicken, topped off with a plantain. In a separate dish, you get a lot of white rice and beans. There is also a small salad, which you will see in the next picture.

Mixed rice with chicken

Mixed rice with chicken

The mixed rice with chicken is surprisingly only $8.50 (most of the entrees are above $10), and it’s absolutely enormous. We kept eating and eating and the plate still seemed full (we ended up saving most of it for tomorrow). It seems like half the content is yellow rice though, with the rest being chicken and a few peas and carrots. This also comes with a salad (fresh lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and onions), and a plantain. The container you see in the back that seems like it contains only lettuce is actually a full salad, but for some reason all the other ingredients are at the bottom. Overall my one complaint about La Pollera Colorada was the wait time, especially since the cashier initially told me it would be “less than 10 minutes” for my food to be ready, when in reality it too almost a half hour.


One response to “La Pollera Colorada

  1. The food here is delicious. Most of it is overpriced if compared to restaurants in Jackson heights or Astoria. Their calculation of time is always off. Never fails to disappoint me when my kid is starving waiting for our take which is a simple soup that’s readily made to take 30-40 mins wen the cashier said 10. One of the few places that make amazing beans.

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