New Post Coffee Shop

At the corner of 40th street and Queens Boulevard sits one of Sunnyside’s oldest (over 50 years!) dining establishments – the diner New Post Coffee Shop. Today was the first time I ever ventured inside.

New Post Coffee Shop

New Post Coffee Shop

The outside is not particularly appealing, and neither is the inside really. Just a typical small diner set up, with a counter and booths lined up against the windows. The menu is very extensive, ranging through breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods, including Italian specialties, Mexican dishes, and an array of desserts – all very reasonably priced.

Chicken cheese steak

Chicken cheese steak

For $7 you can order this chicken cheese steak, which comes with fries and a tiny cole slaw. It’s curiously cut into three pieces, instead of the traditional two. But it’s absolutely delicious. This is definitely going to be my place for getting cheese steaks in Sunnyside. The french fries were ok, but there wasn’t anything special about them. At least they were relatively crisp, which is often not the case at diners.

Jalapeno ranch wrap

Jalapeno ranch wrap

There is a variety of wraps available for $6.50, all of which come with a side of fries. I opted for this Jalapeno ranch wrap with chicken. There are only two pieces here, but volume wise it was probably the same size as the cheese steak above. It was good, but not great. It wasn’t nearly as spicy as one would have expected with the jalapenos. It also seemed a little sloppily made – not very cohesive. But overall it’s a pretty decent deal I think; I would certainly eat it again.


One response to “New Post Coffee Shop

  1. We’ve never been inside this historic Sunnyside restaurant, either! Without even reading a word about it, we were struck by the photo of the chicken cheese steak sandwich. All of the food looks absolutely delicious. We’ll definitely be giving this Sunnyside spot more consideration.

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