Arepas “El Chamo”

As far as I know Arepas “El Chamo” is the only purely Venezuelan restaurant in Sunnyside. The small take-out-focused place (although there is plenty of seating inside), is located on 48th Ave between 47th and 48th streets.

Arepas "El Chamo"

Arepas "El Chamo"

Sorry for the night-time cellphone picture (first one on the site taken with my new Samsung Galaxy Nexus though!). The proprietor was very friendly, even though she didn’t seem to speak much English (her (I assume) daughter could though).

Cachapa with grilled chicken

Cachapa with grilled chicken

The menu is surprisingly varied, with dishes ranging from breakfast offering through dinner. There is even a separate category for hot dogs. There are even desserts and a variety of drinks. Many of the items may sounds or look like other South American or Mexican food, but don’t be fooled. I ordered this traditional Venezuelan cachapa for $6.50 (with chicken, but there are other options, and you can pick and choose what other ingredients you want inside). It’s a bit like getting a a tostada (sandwich), but wrapped in what is essentially a pancake. It’s a very unusual combination of sweet, savory, and spicy. It was very good, and clearly made with care. I will definitely come back to try some of their other dishes.


4 responses to “Arepas “El Chamo”

  1. This place is awesome and has no Yelp Reviews, you should post your comments there as well like you have with some other places.

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  3. We always feel like we’ve never really been to Sunnyside when we browse your blog! You always find the most delicious looking meals in Sunnyside! We’re definitely going to be checking out Arepas very soon! This Venezuelan food looks delicious.

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