Happy Holidays!

I will be away until the New Year, so just want to wish everyone happy holidays!

A couple quick local food tips based on some dining we did in the past week:

– Don’t get the fish & chips at Bar 43! They are overpriced ($15), there is way more chips than fish, and the fish itself is not good. Stick to burgers and sandwiches there, and if you want a good fish & chips at a bar, go to Molly Blooms.

– Do go to the new Thai Origin for lunch. They have an amazing special right now – just $6 for an appetizer and entree. There is less available dishes for the special than there are on their full menu, but it’s still a significant selection. Furthermore, the dishes are of substantial size. In fact, we couldn’t finish all of the pad thai and had to wrap it up to go!


2 responses to “Happy Holidays!

  1. I did review a few bars that also serve food (and have a few more to still review). The focus is on the food though. It’s certainly not a bad idea to expand to drink\atmosphere reviews of bars as well.

  2. Do you do reviews on all the bars in sunnyside? Just an idea for expansion….this is a great site! Cheers

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