Skillman’s Famous Pizza & Coffee Shop

The full name of this restaurant is a mouthful, and so is their menu. I’ve never been here before, and always assumed it was just a glorified pizza place. So I was surprised to discover a full menu, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes.

Skillman's Famous Pizza & Coffee Shop

Skillman's Famous Pizza & Coffee Shop

There is plenty of seating inside, but don’t expect anything fancy (i.e. it’s really meant for takeout/delivery). Skillman’s is located on Skillman Ave between 45th and 46th streets.

Large primavera pizza

Large primavera pizza

There is a variety of specialty pizzas, and you can of course choose your own toppings as well. There are only two sizes – a mini personal pizza, and a “large”. The larges seems to be medium-sized as compared to other local pizzerias though. This here is a large primavera pie, costing $15.50 (a large plain cheese one is $11). The dough and crust are a little unusual and pretty flat, but taste-wise they are good. And overall it was a pretty good pizza, but not spectacular.

Small Greek salad

Small Greek salad

This Greek salad ($4.50 for the small) was described in the menu as their “famous” salad, so I felt compelled to check it out. I was quite happy with it – it had all the expected ingredients, they looked fresh, and overall it was a good salad – especially for a primarily take-out place.


3 responses to “Skillman’s Famous Pizza & Coffee Shop

  1. You make everything in Sunnyside look amazing! That pizza certainly looks delicious even if it wasn’t spectacular. We’ll have to check out Skillman’s soon! We definitely want to try Brian’s Fries sometime, but we’re sure to try out most of the menu.

  2. Howard Brickman says
    Family has been a customer since they opened their doors over 10 years ago. Anthony is fantastic as the owner.. Wants to please his customers…just let him know if you have a problem
    Very diverse menue…

  3. Since I live next door, this is my go to quick dinner place. They have daily specials that are full classic diner meals. Meatloaf w/ mashed potatos, grilled salmon w/ veggies are two of my favorites. Their Bacon Cheese Burger deluxe is excellent for the cost. The breakfast crowd all know each other and usually fills the place.

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