Thai Origin

Out of the ashes of the defunct Gray Point Thai comes Thai Origin, which just opened up last weekend on the corner of Greenpoint Ave and 42nd street. With all the other Thai restaurants proliferating throughout the neighborhood, who knows if it will survive, but after tonight’s experience I personally will definitely be back.

Tom Yum soup

Tom Yum soup

I of course had to try the Tom Yum soup ($4) which is available only with shrimp (and all soups come in just one size). The ingredients were all there, but the soup was distinctly different from all the other ones I’ve had. In fact, the broth was on the sweet side, which was quite surprising. It was good, but I prefer the traditional, spicy Tom Yum soup.

Mongolian deluxe curry

Mongolian deluxe curry

All curries and rice dishes cost just $7.50 $8.50 if you want shrimp). This is the “Mongolian Deluxe” curry (with chicken)  – something I’ve never seen on a Thai menu before. Instead of coming with a curry sauce or being spicy, it’s covered in a sweet & sour sauce. The chicken and vegetables are cooked Thai-style though. It’s an interesting combination, and was good, although I think I will go for something spicier next time. Noteworthy is that the chicken itself was actually very good, which is sometimes hard to come by at this price. The dish also came with a bowl of white rice on the side.

Mock Duck

Mock Duck

The back page of the many has a number of “specialty dishes”, ranging in price from $9 to around $15. This mock (hence tofu) duck was $9. It was again good, but the dishes seem a bit unimaginative (the other ingredients and consistency seem the same as in the curries pretty much). And it wasn’t quite as spicy as one would expect. Overall a good dining experience, especially considering the affordable prices.


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