Verdecchio Pizzeria

The brand new Verdecchio Pizzeria opened up just last week on Queens Blvd north, near 39th street. The owner apparently has another pizza store up in Harlem. I am not sure what used to be in this space before.

Verdecchio Pizzeria

Verdecchio Pizzeria

Sorry for the really crappy cellphone picture. I didn’t plan this for today – I absentmindedly got off at the 40th street stop instead of at 46th street, and decided to drop by since I knew this place was new. And it was raining. The inside is very sparse right now – but there are actually some nice tables for dining in.

Large pizza with chicken

Large pizza with chicken

There are a great many things on the menu in addition to just pizzas (various appetizers, heros, salads, pasta, and even hamburgers and desserts). A cheese slice is $2.25. A small cheese pie (16 inches) is $11, and a large (18 inches) is $13. This is a large one with chicken (each topping is $2.50 extra). And it was good! It’s a very New York style pizza, which is something we’ve been missing in this neighborhood.


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