McDonald’s (Greenpoint Ave)

Sunnyside is graced with not one, but two McDonald’s fast food franchises. Today we paid a visit to the one on Greenpoint avenue (at 45th street), which I think is the only food venue open 24 hours on the avenue.



Cellphone pic of the McDonald’s awning. The McRib is back! And you can get a 2nd one for only a dollar! That’s not what we ordered though. The inside by the way, where there is ample seating, was relatively clean, at least when were were there around 7:30pm on a Wednesday (and pretty empty too; I’ve definitely seen it get crowded here before though).

Southern Style chicken sandwich meal

Southern Style chicken sandwich meal

I haven’t been to McDonald’s in ages, so this “southern style chicken sandwich” is new to me. It’s not very impressive though, as should be evident from this picture. A standard hamburger bun with a slab of breaded chicken, and two (yup, count them: two) pickle slices. It’s not bad, but a bit sparse. With the fries & soda it’s $6.09.

Chicken BLT meal

Chicken BLT meal

If you’re willing to pay a bit more ($7.09!) you can get this chicken BLT “meal”, which is a visible improvement over the southern style. For that extra dollar you get bacon, tomato, lettuce, and a white sauce that resembles ranch dressing. And even the bun is better (a sesame seed bun). It was good and crunchy. The french fries, by the way, are ok. I was just glad they were crisp and not floppy\soggy as can sometimes happen.



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