Mr. Wonton Chinese Restaurant

There are perhaps more Chinese restaurants than of any other kind around here, and tonight we hit up yet another one for some takeout. This time it was Mr. Wonton on Queens Blvd between 44th and 45th streets. A one sentence summary is that I was not impressed.

Mr. Wonton Chinese Restaurant

Mr. Wonton Chinese Restaurant

Mr. Wonton has been around for years, unlike the now defunct Indian Sonali cuisine right next door to it. As is typical, there are a few tables inside, but it’s meant for take-out and delivery. It’s location is highly visible on Queens Blvd, close to the 46th street stop, but I advise diners to venture a bit further off the boulevard for something better (I recommend Ten Full for example).

Chicken with broccoli

Chicken with broccoli

For a whopping $9 you get a quart of this standard chicken and broccoli dish (which also comes with white rice on the side). Although initially it looked quite appetizing, with that interesting sauce on the chicken, a close inspection & tasting proved otherwise. The broccoli was admittedly good, but the chicken fits the very definition of “mystery meat.” At first I wasn’t even certain if it was chicken. It didn’t taste “bad” per se, but there was something off about it, and I really couldn’t bring myself to eat more than just a few pieces.

Chow fun with tofu

Chow fun with tofu

Despite the “fun” in the name, this chow fun (just over $6) wasn’t all that exciting. Although it was much better than the chicken dish (probably because it contained tofu instead of meat). So overall, not a great experience here – it’s decent if you stay away from the meat I guess, and they did give us a free can of coke.


2 responses to “Mr. Wonton Chinese Restaurant

  1. As a rule, I stay away from any restaurants with a B rating. Glad I have avoided them. However, I’m not at all impressed with Ten Full either.

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