Lentini’s Pizza

Lentini’s pizza, on 43rd avenue between 43rd and 44th streets, was recently briefly closed down by the health department, but has since reopened with (hopefully) better sanitary practices. As always, bad ratings from the health department don’t deter your stalwart food blogger from trying out the food (remember Mediterraneo?)

Lentini's Pizza

Lentini's Pizza

As with most pizza places, it’s tailored for delivery, but there are a few tables (and a counter) inside, able to fit about 15 people in total.

Vegetarian pizza

Vegetarian pizza

Most one-topping medium pizzas are $9, but some toppings (such as chicken) drastically bring the price up to $13. That’s also the price of most specialty pizzas, such as the vegetarian one seen here (which includes peppers,broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and olives – so I would say it’s a pretty good deal, especially when compared to the chicken-only pizza for the same price). The only other available size by the way is “extra large.” So unfortunately this pizza was really not that great – quite mediocre actually, and one of the worse choices in Sunnyside. Stick to Marabella or Sunnyside Pizza, but even Lenny’s is better than this.

Cheese calzone

Cheese calzone

We also tried out the cheese calzone ($3), which was surprisingly very good! The one bad thing is that it didn’t come with any marinara sauce on the side. So the bottom line for Lentini’s is: pizza bad, calzones good.


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