Papa John’s

Hidden away in shame at the edges of Greenpoint Ave (near 41st St) is a branch of the pizza chain Papa John’s. Obviously, no pizza chain is going to do well in New York city, and they try to compete purely by having relatively low prices. I am a bit partial towards Papa John’s, as I ate it frequently while growing up in Maryland, but I readily acknowledge that it’s far worse than any local pizza.

Papa John's

Papa John's

The super bright fluorescent lighting inside the “restaurant” really makes it stand out (the fact this is a cellphone picture is also a factor). They get most their business via delivery, and you actually get a discount for picking the pizza up in person (so this effectively means that delivery isn’t really free). Also, if you’re not familiar with this chain, you can’t buy individual slices – you have to get a whole pie.

Papa John's pizza box

Papa John's pizza box

Check out this really elaborate pizza box. Ironically, it explains that the pizza is what they really focus on – but it seems like it’s the box they actually focus on the most. Also, if the box has to explain to you why the pizza is supposedly good, it probably means the pizza is not actually good.

Medium pizza with chicken

Medium pizza with chicken

All medium pizzas with one topping are just $7 (take-out). Large ones are $9. The medium size is smaller than the typical “medium” at local pizzerias though. Also, this may look like just a plain cheese pizza, but, there are in fact chicken pieces embedded in the dough. The best single word to describe this is”greasy”. It also makes you feel a bit queasy after eating it. I would recommend eating some vegetables and other healthy food after consumption. But if the pizza is not greasy enough for you, it always comes with garlic butter on the side! Mmm…..mmm…. delicious. Also traditionally included: a couple jalapeno peppers, although as you can see in the above picture, those are some very sad looking jalapeno peppers. Bottom line: don’t get Papa John’s pizza unless you really love greasy garlic butter, or you really can’t afford to spend more than $7 on your pizza pie.


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