Curry Point

Located literally on a corner “point” at the intersection of Greenpoint Ave, 48th Ave, and 42nd street, Curry Point is a notable Indian take-out restaurant. They renovated a couple years ago and look much nicer than they did before.

Curry Point

Curry Point

Although it looks very narrow from the outside (and especially in this picture), the actual dining area inside is square shaped (the kitchen is in the “point”). There are a few tables, but it’s primarily aimed at take-out\delivery. There is an expansive menu with pretty much everything under $10.



There is a large selection of naan breads. Seen here are the “cheese naan” ($2.50), and below it, the Aloo Paratha ($3) which contains potatoes and spices. It was good, but the consistency of the naan itself wasn’t as, how should I put it, “fluffy” as would be ideal. In the background you can see a container of rice, which comes with every entree.

Chicken Tikki Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

For seven dollars, you can get this bright orange soup, which is actually the chicken tikka masala. I was a bit disappointed with this, as there is way too much of the sauce, and there literally isn’t anything else in there besides the chicken (which, in it of itself, was good).

Chicken Karahi

Chicken Karahi

This chicken Karahi ($7.50) looked quite appetizing, and didn’t seem like it would be spicy, but the chilis in there were very, very spicy – be careful! Definitely a lot more variety in this dish than in the tikka masala. Overall this was a lot of food, and we have plenty leftover for tomorrow – all for about $20.


3 responses to “Curry Point

  1. i though that this blog will fall in love with cooking to those person who are not interested in cooking and making some new. sunneyside food is excellent. i have no words to say.their dishes are delicious and very testy..i love it so much..

  2. I think Curry Point has some of the best Indian breads in the area, although their meats tend to be disappointing.The Karahi looks good though, I may have to try it!

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