Anise Fusion

Having only opened last month, Anise Fusion is hidden away on 41st street, just north or Queens Blvd. The “fusion” is mainly between Chinese food and Thai food, so essentially we have yet another Thai restaurant in the neighborhood.

Anise Fusion

Anise Fusion

The restaurant seems designed to be primarily a take-out/deliver place, but they do have seating for 10 and it’s actually quite pleasant inside, and they have great service. Even the physical plates are elegant, as you will see in the following pictures.

Tom Yum chicken soup

Tom Yum chicken soup

This classic Tom Yum soup (small; $3.00 for chicken – slightly more expensive with shrimp) is served in this pretty cool bowl. The actual broth is good, but I think the amount of mushrooms is disproportionately high. My biggest gripe though is that although it tasted fine, it was no nearly spicy enough! The portion size was quite large (even though this was the “small” soup).

Red curry with chicken

Red curry with chicken

The red curry with chicken (around $8 – price varies with type of meat) came with a (literal) pyramid of rice on a separate plate. The dish was fine, but as with the soup – way too bland! This dish is even listed as spicy on the menu, but it was not spicy at all. I guess this is a good place to go if you really like Thai food by hate spice.

Singapore noodles with chicken

Singapore noodles with vegetarian duck

Here is something from the non-Thai part of the menu. These Singapore style noodles (around $7- varies with type of meat) were ordered with vegetarian duck. It’s an unusual “meat” choice, and surprisingly quite good here! Again though, this dish was a bit bland, but for a noodle dish it’s certainly more acceptable than for a curry.



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