Sunnyside Pizza

I’ve often passed by the tiny pizza place on Queens Blvd north by 40th street, but tonight was the first time I actually went inside. The aptly named Sunnyside Pizza is very clearly aimed at take-out/delivery, as it only has one small table inside, but they serve some very good pizza.

Sunnyside Pizza

Sunnyside Pizza

This night-time cellphone picture doesn’t really do them justice, but it gives you a clear picture of just how small this establishment is. When I ordered my pizza I was dismayed to hear that it would take half an hour to make (since they had a few other orders lined up), but, sensing my hesitation, the manager said they would start on it immediately and it would be done in 15 minutes. Sure enough, when I returned 15 minutes later, it was done. This was very impressive and much appreciated.

Pizza with chicken

Pizza with chicken

This is the pizza with chicken ($18) I ordered. Notice I don’t mention a size, because unfortunately all the pizzas come in one size only – this relatively large pie with 8 slices. The sesame seed crust was interesting. The cheese and sauce itself were excellent, and the chicken average.


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