Sunrise Restaurant & Grill

Yesterday I found fliers for Sunrise Grill in the lobby of my building, and after taking a look at the address (Greenpoint Ave between 41st and 42nd streets) I was surprised as I hadn’t ever noticed it before – but apparently it’s brand new. I think it’s on the site where Floresta used to be. Today, we got some take-out dinner from there.

Sunrise Grill

Sunrise Grill

The place looks pretty nice inside, with many tables, and even a bar (although it doesn’t seem like they have a liquor license yet). They are open all day long and have somewhat of a diner-type menu, although not as expansive, and featuring a lot of bbq dishes as well as seafood by the pound (particularly shrimp and snow crabs).

Turkey burget with fries

Turkey burget with fries

The turkey burger is unusually expensive compared to most things on the menu ($9)  but does come with TWO big patties and a choice of fries or baked potato. The fries are a bit soggy and not very good. The burger was ok, but the patties looked suspiciously very round and I think have been frozen for a long time. The bun seemed fresh and was probably the best part of the whole thing.

Quarter chicken with baked potato

Quarter chicken with baked potato

There are many bbq items on the menu, and this here is the quarter chicken ($6), which comes with a choice of sauces (bbq sauce seen here) and a choice of baked potato, fries, or rice. We were surprised to see two baked potatoes, but they were very plain, and aside from the sour cream there was nothing else in them. The best part of both dishes was definitely the chicken. If you’re hungry, I would recommend getting the half-chicken for $9.


4 responses to “Sunrise Restaurant & Grill

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  3. Some places have much better eat in than take out. I would definitely recommend eating in here. I got the super spicey wings and my husband got a hamburger and both were great! We also ordered the sweet potato fries and although they could have been a bit more crispy, they were still tasty. And the waitress was very sweet!

  4. Nice blog, appreciate the take on the food in the ‘nabe’. I was wondering why someone would open a diner with Pete’s nearby, and Taste of NY. Also, the chicken at Pollera Colorada is so good. Will have to try Sunrise, but i’m not sure about the ‘American standard’ fare. I’m wondering what their ‘specialty’ is? Breakfast, BBQ, Southern cooking? Would like to get more of a handle on what they’re trying to do, thanks for keeping us up to date!

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