Piazza Pizza

With the US credit rating downgraded, the stock market crashing, and the economy possibly heading for another recession, it’s a good time to look for some cheap dining options. So today I ventured a few blocks out to Piazza Pizza, between 39th and 40th streets on 47th avenue.

Piazza Pizza

Piazza Pizza

Piazza is purely a take-out\delivery place, with no tables at all. When I first walked in I was struck by the fact that everything in the display case looked fresh and appetizing (which is rarely the case at pizza places). They also have a number of deals (apparently different ones each month) for each day of the week. Monday’s was a large pie with mozzarella sticks for $15, but I opted for something else.

Chicken pizza

Chicken pizza

Plain slices are $2.25. Pies come in small (6 slices) and large (8 slices) form. This here is a small chicken pie ($14). Just two slices were enough to make me feel stuffed. The bread, cheese, and sauce were really good, but the chicken itself was mediocre. Better than Lenny’s though, although not as good as Marabella’s. I plan on coming back here to try their chicken rolls (which looked appetizing behind the counter) and perhaps some heros.



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