If you thought local fast food restaurants would escape my scrutiny, you thought wrong!

I am certainly not excited about covering these, but it must be done. We’re starting off with Wendy’s, which is pretty much the only major fast food chain that I (very) occasionally visit. In Sunnyside, it’s located on the corner of 45th street and Queens Blvd south.



This picture was (perhaps aptly) taken with my cellphone, out in this evening’s rainstorm. Most of the customers probably come through the drive-through, but there is ample seating space and I often even see a line in there. We opted for take-out this time around. By the way, our dog Leto likes pooping on their (surprisingly nice) grass outside.

Spicy chicken sandwich

Spicy chicken sandwich

Here we see the classic spicy chicken sandwich, which is my favorite from the “traditional” Wendy’s “dishes.” It comes with lettuce and “tomato”. Ok, I promise to stop using the ironic quote marks now, but I should mention that I did in fact cut up a tomato from the grocery store to supplement this meal. And all jesting aside, I actually do like this sandwich – but I much prefer almost any other local sandwiches (I recommend tostadas from Giovanni’s). The combo meals come with a drink (not seen here, but the medium size is enormous – just get a small), and a choice of side. Here you can see their widely advertised “natural cut” french fries with sea salt, which are perhaps better than their old fries, but can’t compare to fries at a non-fast-food place. I will compare these to other fast food fries once I do more reviews.

Asiago ranch chicken club

Asiago ranch chicken club

This relatively new item is the Asiago ranch chicken club sandwich, which can be ordered either “original,” “homestyle”, or “spicy”. It was alright, but I prefer the good old spicy chicken (and in all honesty they are very similar, especially if you order the spicy version of this one). The side item here is the garden salad. The total cost of these two combo meals, with tax, was just over $16.


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