Mediterraneo Pizzeria

I intended to get some pizza from “Victoria’s II” on 46th street today, but was dismayed to discover the place has apparently shut down at some point in the past few months. So instead I headed over to the nearby Mediterraneo Pizzeria, located on Queens Blvd north between 46th and 47th. And yes, this is the place that was shut down by the health department last month with a whopping 71 violation points (the maximum one can have is 27!), but your valiant food blogger is not deterred by such things, and risks life and limb to bring you new reviews.

Mediterraneo Pizzeria

Mediterraneo Pizzeria

Located right next to the much tastier Dee Thai restaurant, Mediterraneo offers some indoor seating but I think gets most of its business from takeout. They actually have a rather large menu of Italian dishes, but I’ve never tried anything outside of pizza and calzones.

Tomato, mushroom, and eggplant pizza pie

Tomato, mushroom, and eggplant pizza pie

One of their specials is a pie with the unusual combination of mushrooms, tomatoes, and eggplants as toppings. This small pie has six very large slices (the “large” pie has 8 such slices). A regular cheese of this size costs $11, and extra toppings are ordinarily $3 extra; this special pie was $16. It was surprisingly good, but the crust was a bit soggy and the cheese doesn’t seem fully integrated into the whole mixture. There was an ample amount of eggplant, which dominated the taste of this pie. Not bad, but Marabella’s is definitely better.


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