Molly Bloom’s

The newest bar in Sunnyside, Molly Bloom’s on Queens Blvd north between 43rd and 44th, has just started food service. Although I love the bar, I didn’t necessarily have high expectations for the food, as bar food is generally not that great. However, I was very happily surprised with the dinner I ate there tonight.

Molly Bloom's

Molly Bloom's

In addition to bar stools and a couple tables inside, there is a relatively large sitting area outside. It’s all freshly renovated and very pleasant – this is quickly becoming my favorite bar in the area, and with the added food service (all day long; there are separate menus for lunch and dinner) it just got even better.

Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger

A few days ago I tried some of the turkey burger at The Kettle, but this one was so much better. It comes with either fries or the salad seen here, and was well prepared and overall delicious. The salad was fresh and had great dressing (balsamic vinaigrette  I believe) as well. It cost $8 (without cheese it’s $7).

Fish & chips

Fish & chips

Good old fish & chips, although the menu lists this as a cod dish. It’s the most expensive ($12) item on the small menu, but definitely worth it. Often the fish in these dishes can be bland or downright “fishy”, but this one was just right. It came with tartar sauce, salad, and fries. The chunky french fries were crisp and unique in taste.


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