The Kettle

On the edge of Sunnyside, right on the corner of 51st street and Skillman Ave, is the Irish restaurante/bar The Kettle. And it truly is both (a restaurant and bar), with a full bar, TVs, bar food, complemented by sit-down tables and booths with a full menu of entrees. I’ve been there a few times before and had some entrees (all of which were great), but this time we weren’t too hungry, so we went for some more lunch-like fare.

The Kettle

The Kettle

There is a different entree special on each day of the week. There are happy hour specials at the bar as well – The Kettle is a good place to go to for lunch, a nice dinner, and just a regular night out drinking. I will come back here and review the main dinner entrees some other time.

Chicken sandwich

Chicken sandwich

One section of the menu is devoted entirely to burgers and sandwiches (mostly burgers though). Each order comes with fries, cole slaw, and a pickle. Main entrees come with lots more, including a choice of vegetables. This chicken sandwich ($10) was good and I was happy to see lots of other things in it in addition to just chicken. As for the fries, I am generally not a fan of steak fries (I prefer smaller caliber fries), but these were quite good.

Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger

I was surprised to see at how flat and deflated the bun was (something you’d more likely see at a fast food place than at a regular restaurant) but other than that the burger was good – pretty standard fare. The $10 price is probably a little much for such a staple meal, but with the cole slaw, pickle, and fries it’s probably worth it after all.


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