“I Love Py” bakery cafe

Normally we get our empanadas from Mama’s Empanadas, but for a change I decided to try some from the cryptically named “I Love Py” bakery cafe on Greenpoint between 44th and 43rd streets. Overall it wasn’t bad, but I think I will be sticking to Mama’s going forward.

I Love Py

I Love Py

You can just barely make out the “I Love Py” monicker in small yellow letters in the top right of the awning. It turns out the “Py” actually stands for Paraguay, which makes this the only Paraguayan place in the area. I will have to try some of their non-empanada food at some point.



The prices are slightly higher than at Mama’s; I paid just over $15 for these six empanadas (half chicken, and half yucca). Their selection is much smaller as well. Also, I was expecting the yucca ones to be vegetarian, but they actually contained mostly beef. The worst part was that the empanadas didn’t come with any sauces! I ended up putting some cholula on them.


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