Thai-Malay Cafe

Since I was expecting to be raptured yesterday, when it didn’t happen, I was left with no food at home and thus forced to go out to eat. We walked to the edges of Sunnyside, where the tiny Thai-Malay Cafe on Skillman at 52nd street serves up more than just cafe food. In fact, it’s a full-fledged restaurant, despite seating space for only 10 people (3 tables in all).

Thai Malay cafe

Thai Malay cafe

Due to the limited seating I am guessing they mostly get take-out business. There is an amazing weekday lunch special though, where for a mere $6 you get an entree and any drink (including Thai iced teas).

Tom Yum Shrimp soup

Tom Yum Shrimp soup

The menu consists mostly of Thai food (although I am sure some Malay and Thai food overlaps), so I wasn’t surprised to see this Tom Yum soup ($3.50). It was good, but served very hot, and unusually spicy! In fact, the spiciness was in some small particles that would get stuck in your throat and exacerbate the spiciness, so be careful when eating this!

Malaysian curry with chicken

Malaysian curry with chicken

There are many curries on the menu. and I specifically wanted to try the Malaysian one ($8), which you can see here greatly resembles the yellow curry. A lot of emphasis on potatoes, and rice is served on the side. It was good but less spicy than I had expected (although perhaps my tongue was numb after eating that soup!)

Thai ginger with tofu

Thai ginger with tofu

This dish is simply called “Thai ginger” ($8) on the menu and can come with any type of meat (or tofu, as in this case). I am guessing the name refers mainly to the sauce, which was indeed gingery, but not overly so It comes with some vegetables and rice on the side, and was definitely good (tofu was well cooked). What’s also impressive is the amount of food you get – great value for your money here (both for this and the curries).


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