Ten Full Chinese Food

On the corner of 40th street and 48th avenue sites the small Chinese take-out called “Ten Full”, where we grabbed dinner tonight for the first time ever, despite it being only a few block away.

Ten Full Chinese Restaurant

Ten Full Chinese Restaurant

Despite advertising itself as “take out” right on the sign, they actually do have a few sit-down tables inside. There were a few people eating there, and it looks relatively nice for this type of place – even with nice dishes etc.

Kung Pau Chicken

Kung Pau Chicken

This Kung Pau chicken dish ($10) is a chef’s special and one of the more expensive dishes. I was pleasantly surprised by the assortment of other ingredients in addition to just the chicken. It wasn’t as spicy as I had expected, but otherwise was quite good.

Chow Fun Chicken

Chow Fun Chicken

Most dishes come in pint and quart sizes – this is just a portion of the pint-sized Chow Fun Chicken ($5), and it was still quite a bit of food (and also came with a pint of white rice). As with the Kung Pau chicken, it came with an above-average amount of vegetables. The most notable thing about food from this particular Chinese place is that it felt “light”; they didn’t overdo the sauces, and I didn’t feel disgustingly full after eating the food. Will definitely try this place again.


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