La Bella pizza

On Greenpoint Ave, past 47th street, you will find the restaurant La Bella, although its proper name is dwarfed by large letters proclaiming PIZZA RESTAURANT. They actually serve various things other than pizza, but pretty much it’s a pizza take-out place (although they do have some plastic booth tables indoors).

La Bella pizza

La Bella pizza

One day my children will ask me “Daddy, where were you when they announced Osama Bin Laden is dead?,” and I will answer “I was writing a food blog entry about La Bella pizza.”

Anyway, they make good pizza, although the exaggerate how quickly they will make it. They told me “10 minutes” when I ordered a large, even though obviously a pizza takes longer, and mine took about 25 minutes.

Pizza with chicken and green peppers

Pizza with chicken and green peppers

I ordered a large with chicken and green peppers ($21). The price is a little steep compared to nearby competition, but admittedly it is pretty good pizza. They only have 2 sizes by the way – large, and “family size”. Overall I was very happy with it. Good dough, good crust, and even the chicken was good (oftentimes chicken as a pizza topping can be questionable).


3 responses to “La Bella pizza

  1. Just found your blog via a yelp link. Next time try the chicken parm or eggplant parm at La Bella. So good!

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