Pete’s Diner and Grill

Owned by the same person that owns Oasis Pizza and Gyros, Pete’s Diner, a couple blocks away (at 39th St on Queens Blvd South) features much tastier food. The large menu has all your typical diner food, and there are daily specials. Prices are probably a bit on the high side for a diner, but the food is also of higher quality than at a typical one.



Each of the daily special comes with either a soup or a salad. They brought it out as an appetizer, and it was quite good, but the waiters took it away from me before I finished it (as they brought out the main entree)! I guess you have a fixed time limit to consume it.


Stuffed chicken

Stuffed chicken

This stuffed chicken chef’s special was my main entree ($12). It came with a huge plate of yellow rice on the side. I was a bit surprised to see a dish this sophisticated at a diner, and although the quality certainly wasn’t that of a full fledged restaurant, I was quite satisfied with the well-balanced combination of chicken, peppers, and sauce. It looks a little distorted in this picture, but in person it looked rather appetizing.

Chicken Delight

Chicken Delight

This oddly named chicken delight was surprisingly more expensive ($15) than the chef’s special, even though it came with no salad and no rice. It also resembled a shishkabob split up into individual pieces and distributed on a plate. It was ok, but nothing special.


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