The Ariyoshi restaurant on Queens Blvd north between 41st and 42nd is yet another Japanese food choice in Sunnyside, although perhaps more expensive than many of the other ones. It is great for lunch though. This time though, we ordered take-out. I will do another review later of a sit down dinner.

Vegetarian dinner box

Vegetarian dinner box

This all-vegetarian dinner box was good, but a little steep for $14.50. Even with take-out, they provide you with all the right sauces on the side, and it comes with a salad and a miso soup. The best part were probably the sushi pieces. The worst was definitely the miso soup, which was small and way too salty.

Bigeye Tuna dinner

Bigeye Tuna dinner

This is just a portion of the bigeye tuna dinner ($13.50), which comes with rice, salad, and over twice as much tuna as you see in this picture. I originally thought it was named after the steak (e.g. “big eye steak”) but apparently there is a species of tuna called Bigeye. The fish was good, but a bit overcooked, and in general I think fish, especially from a Japanese place, are better raw or slightly seared.

Side salad

Side salad

This is one of the side salads I mentioned. The orange dressing is the best part!


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