Yeti of Hieizan

Yeti of Hieizan (on Queens Blvd south at 44th street) is a full fledged Japanese restaurant, but it’s much more than that – it’s half Nepalese and offers a wide assortment of traditional Nepalese dishes. It’s a bit on the more expensive side and some of the dishes can be hit or miss, but overall the quality is good and the atmosphere is great.

Yeti of Hieizan

Yeti of Hieizan

Inside, there is a bar, a regular dining area (semi-private booths), as well as private rooms which you can reserve (and where you sit on the floor with your shoes off). They also serve take-out!

Mango tuna appetizer

Mango tuna appetizer

What looks like a tuna steak is actually an elaborate structure consisting of stacked little tuna cubes. The tuna is lightly seared and topped with sesame and a special sauce. There is even some roe to top it all off, and actual pieces of mango and oranges, which complement the tuna surprisingly nicely. This “mango tuna” ($8) was really good, although perhaps the taste of mango overshadowed the tuna a bit too much.

Vegetarian Thali

Vegetarian Thali

This vegetarian thali ($10) may not look like a lot of food, but trust me – it is; I didn’t even finish all of mine. It’s also available for a slightly higher price with various meats, but I had the chicken one once and definitely prefer this vegetarian option. You can mix and match the ingredients with the rice to your liking (some of them are a little spicy). One of the bowls even has rice pudding, which you can treat as dessert.

Seafood pancake

Seafood pancake

One of the special entrees is this aptly named seafood pancake (a little steep at $14). It’s unclear what kind of seafood exactly is inside of it, but it is quite good and not too “fishy” in taste, which would ordinarily be a big concern with this type of dish. And what looks like soy sauce in the center is actually a special sauce made specifically to complement this dish.


4 responses to “Yeti of Hieizan

  1. I find your site to be helpful up to a point. The pictures are definitely helpful, but the general commentary on all the restaurants you’ve written about lacks important information. I am referring to the flavors that are infused or lacking in the dishes , their sides and their sauces, etc. Your overall dining experience consists of pointing out what is on the plate but lacks the essence of taste and their flavors. What do the dishes taste like ? I can see that to the left is a potato or to the right is a tomato and a sauce but what about their flavor and how are they prepared and how do they complement each dish when served ? Or what lacks in the dish if anything. Here are a couple of examples using the Seafood Pancake you show above . You state :”It is unclear what kind of seafood is inside” .Well how about asking the waiter or chef so we the readers know ? Also, what was in the pancake besides the seafood , vegetables ? Being that it is a Nepalese / Japanese restaurant does the dish taste just like an ordinary pancake or is it different and why ? Following this you state: ” And what looks like soy sauce in the center is actually a special sauce…” That’s it ? This leaves us asking what the heck is it if its not soy sauce ?? Anyway, I don’t mean to come off as ungrateful because your site certainly has given me good images on some of the dishes being served and insight on the quality of food being served in these places. Thanks!

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  3. I’ve been to Yeti twice. People keep telling me how great it is so I keep on trying it over and over again. I had the meat thali both times (it sounds so good on paper!) and was totally not impressed either time. My dinner guests agreed. But I’ll try the dishes you recommend. There has to be some reason people like it so much!

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