Oasis Pizza & Gyros

Oasis Pizza & Gyros finally opened today on the corner of 40th street and Queens Blvd south. Owned by the same person that owns Pete’s Diner down the block, this place caters more to the take-out crowd.

Oasis Pizza & Gyros

Oasis Pizza & Gyros

In addition to the pizza & gyros, they have a solid menu of American fare, including all kinds of burgers and sides. Typical “pizza place” foods (e.g. chicken parmigiana) are also available. Today, on opening night, the owner (or a person who I presumed to be the owner) was personally there taking orders.

Turkey burger deluxe

Turkey burger deluxe

This “turkey burger deluxe” ($8) came with lettuce, tomato, cheese (75 cents extra) and fries. The fries were ok, and the burger was good, although it looked rather unappetizing, and the melted cheese glued the bun and the meat together so it was difficult to open and put the other ingredients in.

Chicken gyro platter

Chicken gyro platter

This chicken gyro platter ($10) was very underwhelming. It came with no sauce whatsoever, so everything was very dry and not tasty at all. There were only two chunks of feta cheese in the whole thing. The cole slaw and pickles on the side didn’t really do much to make up for it. I will give these guys another shot (perhaps these were just opening night problems?) but for gyros/souvlakis in the meantime I would recommend the New York deli 5 blocks away.


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