Halal Kitchen Chinese Restaurant

You see lots of Chinese food around the city; you see lots of halal food as well. But do you ever see both together? Well, in this case you do  – Halal Kitchen Chinese Restaurant on Greenpoint Ave (between 42nd and 43rd streets) is essentially a Chinese take-out place, but where all the food is cooked strictly halal.

Halal Kitchen Chinese Restaurant

Halal Kitchen Chinese Restaurant

Both the exterior and the interior are not very appealing, but the food is quite good, right down to the rice. You definitely get your money’s worth.

Chicken Lo Mein

Chicken Lo Mein

This “combo” dish included chicken lo mein, brown rice, and a giant spring roll. The amount of food was enormous – the plate above contains only above 2/3rds of what came in the take-out box. And it only cost $6.50!


Fried tofu with broccoli

Fried tofu with broccoli

Most dishes are available in small and large sizes. This is a large, although as you can see most of the food is still in the original container in the background. This tofu with broccoli surprisingly did not come with rice, but there was plenty of rice in the other dish to compensate. The carrots were a welcome addition.


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