Foxy’s Eatery

Went to brunch today at Foxy’s Eatery (formerly known as Foxy’s Diner, which the awning still displays). I have to say the food has improved greatly since it used to be a “diner.”

Foxy's Eatery

Foxy's Eatery

Conveniently located on the north side of Queens Blvd. between 43rd and 44th streets, right next to the now-shuttered Flynn’s Inn pub.


Menu and mimosa

Menu and mimosa

The very affordable $10 brunch menu includes a free drink with each dish. They even have a mango mimosa, which I haven’t seen anywhere else. You must pick between coffee or the mimosa, but a coffee is only $1.25 if you want to get both.




This “SpanakoBenedikt” consists of two eggs atop a spinach pie. A generous serving of hollandaise sauce covers the entire dish, which also include homefries. It was pretty good all around, although perhaps a little bland.




An unusual brunch menu item, the enchiladas verdes with eggs are good, but also a little bland and perhaps missing some spice. The accompanying black beans unfortunately leave a lot to be desired. Try one of the area’s Mexican restaurants for good beans and enchiladas, and stick to the more traditional brunch fare at Foxy’s.


2 responses to “Foxy’s Eatery

  1. In a word – ugh. This place used to be a homey, friendly, nice little joint that attracted the locals. However, in recent weeks, it has, apparently, changed hands, and so has begun to style itself after “Hooters.” The young, bouncy waitress and equally bouncy hostess (on weekends), hold court in down-to-there tops in the front. The waitress frantically chats up the customers, talking too-loud, and acting wayyy too forced. The quieter, more plainly attired servers work the back of the house, This place used to be a neighborhood joint one coujld go into and you would get a smile and a decent meal. But now, particularly on weekends, it is trying too hard. They have even taken down the local artwork and replaced it with ugly wall hangings, such as the sunburst mirror over the hostess’ ‘stand.’ I hope they find out soon what the customers probably already know… that their pretensions are grating and laughable, and that they should stick to being a neighborhood diner who focuses on providing decent service.

  2. Foxy’s Diner used to be the best diner in the area but I dunno what happened. It all went south after the two Irish waitresses left. Now I go to New Post. Not as crazy as Foxy’s brunch but more consistent.

    Sad because it was my favorite place besides De Mole (which is still #1).

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