Quaint brunch on a few occasions. They have all the classics, and the portions are quite generous.

Eggs Florentine

Eggs Florentine

A typical serving of eggs Florentine ($9), with fresh spinach and a surprisingly large side salad. All around a good dish, but not really any better than at other, less-known restaurants in the area.



While many other local places give you fries (or an equivalent side) for free with a main dish, that’s not the case with many of the brunch entrees at Quaint. I had to order these “homefries” ($3) separately. They are also a bit misnamed, since they are really just roasted potatoes, but good nevertheless. By the way. a different atypical side Quaint offers is grits!

Special omelet

Special omelet

This was one of the daily specials – some sort of omelet with peppers, which I personally found to be a bit odd-tasting, but my friends who did eat it said they enjoyed it. The only regular omelet on the menu is the “southern omelet” (ham, cheddar cheese, and onion). Note that the potatoes and biscuit came with the dish in this case, but there weren’t any greens.


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